Sunday, 3 March 2013

Spring time!!

Its Spring...

Just as the bulbs are emerging its nice to see so many people going down to allotments and spending time getting their plots ready for the upcoming season. It's still a bit early for planting just yet, remember the frosts that hit the bean plants last year! but still nice to see people starting to prepare the ground. 

As most of you should know Bill has now handed over the reigns to me, as secretary and Andy as treasurer so any questions about plots, payments or otherwise can be directed to either of us whenever we are available. Shortly all allotment holders will receive a note from us advising you about the Annual General Meeting for UAGS to be held in April which you may attend if you so wish. Additionally it will provide details of the plot inspections which will be coming up soon. More details to follow. 

Enjoy the good weather!!

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