Thursday, 27 March 2014

Well that was interesting...

Attended the AGM last night at the John Alker Club. Our treasurer and 2 other plot holders attended also. Lots of discussion about last years minutes not being sent to people before the meeting and them having to request them from the society via email, a motion was passed not to read them out at the meeting. Questions were also raised about the finance report written by the treasurer and passed by the accountants about various entries in the account as in what they were and who they were paid to. Answers to all questions submitted will be emailed to all secretaries. 2 extra members to the general committee were accepted as only 2 members applied for the positions. It was commented however that members should be in attendance to accept their role plus do we still need these extra positions as we no longer had the trading post. Questions were also raised over members who preside on the management committee who no longer have a plot and is this following the rules. The new rule book is yet to be finalised and will continue to be modified at committee meetings. 

Other issues were raised personal to other sites which were heated at points. 

And so to the best part of the evening which was the presentation of the awards. Being the only prize winner on our site I graciously accepted my award. I dedicate the award to Jim Regan, whose raking was always a wondrous sight, especially when he was doing my plot! 

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