Thursday, 24 April 2014

Special Meeting

Attended a Special General Meeting last night where we discussed the financial report for the last financial year. Lanehead had questionned some of the entries on the report and submitted questions to the committee. These were answered in full and Laneshead seemed to be satisfied with the outcome. 

We then continue on with out usual Management Meeting where we discussed the election of a chair person. 2 people had put their name forward and after a vote the current chair has been re-elected to continue in her role. Feedback from the AGM was given to the committee also where letters had been written in commenting on the nature of the AGM. I also passed on the comments that I had heard whiist sat at the back of the hall when at least 3 different groups of people left stating their disappoinitment in the proceedings. Myself along with 1other member of the meeting also commented on the height of the table where the chair, treasurer, secretary and president were sat as we felt it was too low and they should be seated on the stage. 

The rule book is still being worked on by a sub-committee and they had brought up 2 bylaws that they felt needed more clarification. They were on siting and amount of trees that could be planted on a plot and a bylaw on nuisances which included infomation about bees, dogs, poultry and fires. 

As we all know councils are running short of mone due to government cutbacks and rent increases have been a hot topic for a while now. It seems like the rents will not be going up this year but may jump in amount next year. However there is a federation of allotment holders who are taking the council and those involved in the rent increases to task. Here's hoping they see sense and recognise that they cannot do this to us!

It has been lovely to see everyone out and about on the plot recently. Planting time is definitely upon us. For those who we have still not seen yet may we remind you that plots need to be being worked and 75% cultivated during the growing season. Polite notices will be being sent to anyone who is deemed not to be tending their plot. 

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