Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting has been called for13th October at 1o'clock on the site. By now all members should have received an agenda concerning all points that are being discussed. As our treasurer is away on business at the moment it will be the rest of the committee members who will be taking the monies and handing out receipts. The accounts for 2012/13 have been completed by the treasurer and everyone will receive a copy of them at the meeting. If you have anything that you wish to discuss at the meeting the there is time allocated at the end of the meeting to allow this to happen. As the weather is not a sure thing we have hopefully organised to borrow 2 Gazebos (waterproof) for the meeting" so no excuses if it's raining! If unfortunately you cannot attend the meeting you will need to organise with the secretary another meeting time to enable your payment to be taken. 

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