Monday, 29 July 2013


Seems like having an allotment is taking off again! Much thanks to an advert placed in the local messenger paper and we have now got 2 more plot holders. One is a lady who will be taking over the back the plot nearest the fence, the other person is a young family with 2 small boys who will be taking over the half plot next to the sheds. We welcome them all and hope they enjoy their time with us. They were both super keen to start their plots ready for next year and had some great ideas on what they were going to grow already. 


With the ground committee the annual judging of the plots has taken place, results to be announced shortly, and these results will be taken to the next monthly meeting of UAGS to put names forward for the overall competition. Well done to everyone who is making an effort to ensure their plots are of a good standard, luckily this year we have had better weather and so this is not as big a problem as it was next year. Some plots are still unfortunately looking unkempt and advice is being taken as to steps that can be taken to remedy this issue with the plot holders. 


The rent, at the current moment - but could change, is set for £50.50 due in September/October plus ground and committee fees with a concession still possible for over 60's. 

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